How to not be the “Crazy Girl”





*Editors note: Since this seems to be the most popular post on my blog, and I feel that this is a subject that many girls can relate to, I figured I should bring #TBT to the blog, and repost this little number again. Enjoy!

Through out your life, it is quite inevitable that you will come in contact with something that’s called “a date.” And if you do this “date” right, you just might come out of the situation with someone that you’re consistently “dating.” It’s one of the many pleasures in life, but it’s pretty depressing that this pleasure can quickly be killed by the typical girlish habit of letting the “crazy girl” inside of us all roam free. Now, you can either keep your cool and do your own thing, or you can give permission to your inner crazy girl to disintegrate any relationship you’ve ever hoped for. Trust me, we’ve all been there, and I am by far so guilty of this action. Typically I’d like to think of myself as a pretty normal, fun person to be around, but bring a boy that I’m super interested in into the picture, and some-how I become a COMPLETELY different person. If you ever think of wanting to be in a normal healthy relationship, you’ve got to keep yourself in-check and follow just a few rules to not let the crazy inside make a monster out of you.

1. First off, make sure it’s a general “Like” that you feel for this guy and not just a “like” in the idea of being with someone. I’ve had too many conversations with my girlfriends who thought they were so totally wound up in the guy, but it turns out they only dug his mustache. Weak.

2. GET OFF OF HIS SOCIAL NETWORKS. I really hate how modern technology makes it so much easier to be an internet stalker. Stop reading his Tweets to find out who he’s hanging out with, and quit looking at the same damn photos of him on his Facebook (chances are, his facial expression hasn’t changed after the first 50 times of you looking at it.). Social media will only make you go crazy if you see things you don’t necessarily like…and then if it upsets you, how exactly are you going to bring it up? “So I saw this photo of you doing a beer bong with this girl back in 2009 that she posted, and tagged you in last Monday at 2:08AM when I was lurking your Facebook..who is she?” Keep your eyes on your own social media! Un-follow him if it makes you THAT crazy!

3. Don’t let your insecurities be the root of all your “fights.” I’ve learned from the past that reading into text messages will only get you in trouble in the long run. If he doesn’t say “I miss you” or “How are you?” the right way, don’t trip. If your friends don’t get under your skin when they don’t always say “the right thing,” you should probably cut the guy some slack when he sends a one word text message. Just because you think he doesn’t like you (after he has made it known 50 million times) because he hasn’t text you all day isn’t always the case. If he didn’t like you, you guys probably would have stopped talking long ago. Also, don’t ask him what’s wrong all the time. People aren’t constantly thinking about their feelings and emotions all the time, just like you’re not constantly thinking about him all the time….CHILL. THE. F*CK. OUT.

4. Chill. If he doesn’t text you back within 5 minutes of your text, remind yourself that he has a life as well. Go live yours. Read a book, drink yourself to sleep (just kidding), go out with friends, or do extra work while you’re home on the couch. It will help keep your mind off of this silly obsession of yours. You don’t need no stinkin’ Xanax!

5. Quit asking all your friends for advice (including this blog post). Everyone has their own opinion about your situation, and it will only fuel your crazy. Get out of their heads, and refer to number 4.

6. Get in your head that your new guy is not like your ex-guy. Not ALL guys are into the notion of cheating. Stop looking for reasons to be upset with the guy you’re dating. One thing I’ve learned about assuming there’s something ALWAYS up with your guy is that 99.9% of the time you’re assumptions are wrong. The idea of “dating intuition is silly. Stop it. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

7. Do your own thing. Dating this guy is only a small percentage of your life. Don’t let your dating life interfere with your work. Trust me, I’ve done it SO much, and it only makes you even CRAZIER. You’re successful, attractive, and well-liked. Don’t let your dating life define who you are. If things don’t work out, your city won’t blow up. Keep your cool, and keep yourself. As much as you like your dude, always ALWAYS keep your life going.

…Nothing like a little Wednesday inspiration to fuel my blogging for the day. :) But seriously. Don’t be that crazy girl.


Happy humpday, and salutations! I’ve been meaning to updating this thing regularly, but have found that this past month has been nothing short of bananas. Lots of exciting new things in the works, and lots of craziness to follow with it.  However, today I wanted to break my blogging-silence, and share some information that has found its way into my email-box which I feel is extremely important to talk about. Those who know me, know of my dire love and obsession with dogs. And not just “yea, dogs are cute.” But more along the lines of wanting to one day open up a home where I can foster rescued pups that need a loving family. My heart is overwhelmingly heavy for dogs, and have felt the need to help out whenever I can. Yesterday the inspiring and talented artist, Sophia Chang, had sent over an email asking for help to find homes for a triple-dose of love, these adorable Pomeranians.

Here is a bit of info:

Gender: All Female
Age: All 10 years old
Their Story: Their owner had passed away so they were surrendered at a dog rescue.
Temperament: Patient, Loving Kind.
– They are great walkers, they are most active when the walk, otherwise they just lay around.
– They are friendly towards all dogs and humans. No barking, pulling or signs of aggression.
– They are looking for a forever home to spend their last days.
– They are very easy to care for since they’re old. Great for cuddling on the couch.
– They are house-broken! Yay!
Location: Queens, New York

If you are interested, or know of someone who is,  please contact her at

More details on her website:

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made well 2

I haven’t really been impressed or obsessed with any recent collections from most brands this past year, but when I recently came across the latest from Madewell, I honestly lost my shit. Give me lazy “Sunday morning at the Laundromat,” and I’m in. From simple frocks paired with Vans Slip On’s, to patterned jumpers under a tailored moto-jacket, I’m as down – as down can get! Their Spring ’14 collection is right up my alley, and is truly what I envision my dream closet to look like. Plus…what DOESN’T look good with a pair of Vans?  (I may be bias on that one, but whatever.)  One thing I’ve been noticing a lot lately is the fact that many brands are beginning, or already have incorporated streetwear elements into their line, which is never NOT a good thing. How this trend plays out into 2014 should be interesting. Trends and styles always seem to recycle themselves, however, it’s fascinating how the immortalized menswear trend has evolved into the modern-day streetwear look and culture.


vans brittany

vans 2

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fashion ice cream1

I have 3 major loves in my life: My friends and family (which is technically 2, but whatev..), food, and clothing (I feel like using the term ‘fashion’ is way too pretentious). What happens when you take 2 out of the 3 and combine them? Well, Dubai-based designer, Lara Atkinson, does just that with her insanely clever collection of painfully DELICIOUS looking popsicles, inspired by S/S ’13’s most prominent collections (again..pretentious). Not only do these popsicles look way too amazing with their intensely vibrant hues and prints, but they kind of out-do the very ensembles they were inspired by. Is that too bold to claim? I’m KIND of obsessed with the Kenzo pop…so much so I’d wear ONLY the popsicle, and its wrapper. Again…is that too bold?

fashion pops2

fashion pops3

fashion pops4

fashion pops5Source: Apple is Black 

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Another Start.


I’ve been putting off this post for some time, and now after months and months of a severe case of procrastination, I finally feel OK enough to just start writing on this blog again. I mean…Not that anyone besides my mother (hey, mom.) really reads this thing. But WHTVR.  Recently I’ve made yet again, another monumental change in my life. I mean, that’s what people in their twenties do, right? They move and move, and change and change until they find a scenario that finally just fits. Well, 4 years into my twenties, and I somehow still feel like I’m not QUITE there yet. However, with my previous move from Boston, I do feel as though I’ve really made a dent in the venture. I met some amazing people, experienced some life-changing things, and even saw snow for the first time! Now,  I’m not going to get into too much detail, since you’ve probably read my previous drama-filled/20’s angst post-breakup blog entries. However, what I will say is I’m so glad I’ve made the decision to move back to LA. I haven’t been this happy and refreshed for a long long time…and it only took me moving 3,000 miles, dating a complete asshole who completely broke my heart, and working with a ton of childish ‘professionals’ to really figure it out.  Everything is just peachy. I moved into my dream apartment, have my dream job, and live with my dream pup…things simply can’t get any better. Here’s to a new start…and to the suckers I left behind. See ya’.

Photos by Peter Schwab

Things That Girls Do That Really REALLY Suck


Don’t know if you’re well aware, but girls are actually really stupid. Like….really, REALLY stupid. Now before you jump to any conclusions, I am in no way excluding myself from the “stupid” bin. I myself am part of that group and I HATE it. Sure we all like to put on this obnoxious front that we’re these super chill and down to earth creatures, but dig a little deeper into that cool exterior, and you’re sure to find an idiot buried in a pile of “right things to say” and loads of pseudo confidence. Again, don’t kill me just yet. I have my reasoning behind this conclusion I’ve made. It has a little something to do with us thinking we’re doing all the right things, when in fact we’re 1 mile away from dropping completely into a ditch full of mistakes and eye-rolls. Whether we think we’re doing these things to help other people out, or just think we’re being way too awesome beyond words, these mistakes can and have been made time and time again, and I am really just over it. But why do we keep doing stupid things? It drives me absolutely NUTS. Sometimes I even know I’m being stupid, and yet I just let the stupidness happen. It’s maddening. Forgive me while I rant a little, but these stupid habits have GOT to go…

  1. Write people off just because they’re not wearing the “right” clothes. Please people, please. This isn’t high school anymore. Sure I’ve written someone off because they wore flip flops to a night club ( for OBVIOUS reasons!), but to be defining someones style as “not quite you” says something terrible about you…You’re an idiot.
  2. Revolve your life around someone else. This is obviously something you just should not do, and yet I find that me and other girls tend to do this. What happens when that person is gone? What do you have? Just a horrible, death-like feeling of emptiness in the pit of your stomach because you decided to prioritize someone else over everything else in your life. Shame. I SAID SHAME. I don’t know why we all do this. Hell, I don’t know why I do this. I guess we just think that the other person is just as in-love with us as we are with them, and so we’re just going to live in a cherub filled storybook world where the only thing that matters is love, and cuddling all day. Real life sucks. I know. So might as well be selfish and just keep your priorities on yourself.
  3. Talk obnoxiously loud because the person you have a crush on is 5 feet away from you, and they just have to know how funny you are. Seriously. You’re hilarious. You just want to make sure they hear how hilarious you are. They may not laugh, but you just KNOW they’re totally going to laugh about it later on to their friends. Seriously. I promise. You really are funny.
  4. Make YouTube videos with your friends talking about NOTHING because, like number 3, you’re actually REALLY funny. People on the interweb might not think so, but your group of friends and you SWEAR you deserve a TV show.
  5. Overly share your creepy (annoying) relationship with your fitness plan through your social media accounts. Ok. You’re healthy, you don’t put salt in your food, and you NEVER eat sweets. I get it. We ALL get it. I’m not sure it’s necessary to make a post a day on Instagram sharing the same hashtags and photos of you in a bathing suit telling us to #eatclean and #bethin. I’m pretty sure behind this obsessively narcissistic act of yours, there’s a hint of sincere sympathy towards other peoples #health,  but all I see if your incredibly STUPID craving for attention.

Bitter? Maybe. Sorry? Never.